11 JUNE 2020 for Vogue.co.uk

In Episode Eight of “Creative Conversations”, Suzy is joined by the celebrated British photographer to the stars 

Richard Young may have photographed Princess Diana, followed the Sex Pistols around the UK, visited Romanian orphanages with Michael Jackson, and slipped into Elizabeth Taylor’s party for Richard Burton, but when demonstrators gathered in London’s Hyde Park last week to demonstrate for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Young returned to a different side to his work.

Now in his early 70s, with more than 40 years behind the lens, Young was showing his commitment to social documentary, rather than his well-known work with celebrities.

Suzy with Richard Young in London

Throughout his career, he has been as much a photojournalist as a portraitist – even if he admits that Fidel Castro was baffled when Young described Castro’s fatigues as “very Yves Saint Laurent”.

Behind Young’s cheery smile is a vibrant energy that has taken him from working with Paul Getty Junior to the London Evening Standard and an ultimate gathering of two million images to feed the Richard Young Gallery, which he founded in London in 2008 with his wife, Susan. A regular at all the top fashion parties, Young has watched all the supermodels grow up and even followed Freddie Mercury around the world for ten years.   

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Richard Young can embellish the stories with his unique brand of irony and wit.

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