26 JANUARY 2021

Behind the story of the little boy who sneaked over to use his mother’s sewing machine is a man who has had a profound effect on famous fashion houses, from Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel to Ralph Lauren, Valentino and Gianni Versace.

He has made hats not just for his friends, like fashion lover Isabella Blow and designer Alexander McQueen, but also for the Royal Family, plus all the clients he has across the world. Some of his creations are formal, others are wild and wonderful – it is Philip who describes the hat as “not only an accessory, but a visual indicator”.

Philip Treacy at work on bespoke commissions in his London studio

The secret of Philip Treacy’s success is not his connection to fame – although well deserved – it is his extraordinary talent. This is all currently displayed in a large-scale exhibition of his hats at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which has people queuing round the block to see it.

Learn more about his fascinating career here.