Sterling Ruby explains to Suzy why he was invited to take part in Paris Haute Couture with his label S.R. STUDIO. CA. LA. COUTURE and how he went from a construction site to constructing haute couture, crossing the boundaries of art by using fashion as an artistic medium of self-expression.

Sterling Ruby photographed in California

Coming from a hippy and punk background, Sterling Ruby talks about the challenges he faces as an artist and designer in achieving an urban feel, working on the surface of materials with bleach, minerals and hand dying – pushing the boundaries between artistic mediums.

The artist first “dipped his brushes” in the fashion world when Raf Simons and he met and forged a relationship, which took them to Dior and Calvin Klein and beyond on a route of Americana.

Hear from the artist himself on his approach to couture and his rise to fashion through the art world here.